s5_whatisSession 5 represents the five major areas of life that must be in harmony in order to create an optimal environment for personal happiness; those areas are: Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Financial. It also occurs every 5th Sunday evening.

text1Statistics have stated that approximately 2/3 of American adults use social networking sites. Among adults under the age of 49, usage is roughly 80%. This leads us to one conclusion… we have a unique opportunity to take the objectives of Session 5 beyond the four walls of the church. We want to use these platforms to get resources and tools, figuratively and literally, into the hands of hurting people. We aim to do this by creating District S5.

Monday Movement
A 15-20 second shot in the arm to inspire and help people process what moves to make each week.

Touch Point Thursday (Thursday before the 5th Sunday)
Thursday before the 5th Sunday). An in-person fellowship – games, food and fun, with heavy social media components that will build individual relationships and connect people.

Follow up Friday
A blog that will have free downloads and notes from sessions.

Connector S5 (every 4th Sunday)
A quick word of wisdom broadcast on Periscope that keeps everyone connected to what we are doing and creates excitement for the next installment of Session 5.

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