The Altar Ministry is a ministry which embraces the worshipper and his or her spiritual needs, as a response is made at the time of Altar Call. The purpose of all aspects of the Altar Ministry is to facilitate a Spirit-led, smooth, comfortable, receptive and orderly process at the altar, as well as in the counseling room.

Baby Dedication
Dedicating your baby is an act of worship wherein, we offer the baby to the Lord in a group of witnesses to create an environment to train the baby to reverence and respect the Lord, Deut. 6. Although there is no age limitation, we recommend you dedicate your baby by the age of one. Dedication services are held upon request. There is an orientation required

The Communion ministry prepares and serves the implements which represent the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ministry members can either help with preparation or facilitate service to the people of God.

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