The Helps ministry is a “practical aid and support” to the pastor’s vision of a support to the body of Christ. It is also a supernatural ministry listed among such things as miracles and healing. It is a gift God has set in the church to bring to pass the vision or goal given to the pastor.

If you have a real heart to serve the people of God, then the Ministry of Helps may be where you need to be. The armorbearers, altar workers, culinary workers, greeters, parking, security, visitors and ushers, are just a few of the ministries that fall under the Helps ministry.

The pastor can preach an anointed sermon, but if the people in the Helps Ministry do not carry the vision with their service, then the word may get lost. The Queen of Sheba wasn’t won by the wisdom or riches of Solomon but she was won by how the servants served. (II Chronicles 9:5-7)

The Agape ministry is a greeters ministry that extends the heart of our pastor and the love of the Lord to all who visit and worship at Victory.  We welcome guests and members to Victory, providing a warm and friendly reception as they enter the grounds and building

Culinary Arts
The ministry of Culinary Arts creates and maintains an environment that promotes the education of nutrition through spiritual growth.  They are responsible for the care and maintenance of our kitchen and equipment.  The ministry is available to provide catering assistance for all church events, funerals and meetings.

The Armorbearer ministry creates an atmosphere of safety and serenity by providing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical presence and support always.  This ministry walks closely with the pastor, always interceding in prayer, providing ministerial support from the smallest need of opening a door, to caring for all Episcopal garments, serving as hosts, escorts, drivers, and any other need that may arise.  This is being done so that the pastor, family, and the men and women of God will know that their labor is not in vain.

Parking & Security
The Parking and Security ministry provides a hallmark level of security, both spiritually and physically to Bishop, the first family, the tiers of leadership and the Victory family.

As a member of the Parking and Security ministry, you will maintain an ever present eye ensuring the safety and security of the facility and parking areas as well as the personal safety of those who worship, or just visit Victory Bible Full Gospel Baptist Church.

We are the doorkeepers of the church.  We warmly greet and seat worshippers as they enter the sanctuary and seek to make them feel welcome and be more receptive to the service.

We strive to reflect the heart of our pastor and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are looking for smiling faces and warm embraces to serve here.

If you’d like to get involved with our Helps Ministry please click here to contact us.