Family Enrichment Night (FEN) is our Senior Pastor’s bible study. This is a Christ-centered family gathering for spiritual and social empowerment. FEN provides personal, social, and spiritual needs of the community. FEN strengthens and enhances the individual family and church family, by utilizing practical principles for daily Christian living.

FEN provides a platform to stabilize the family and counteract the attack on the foundations of family.
Fen is offered at 12:00pm (Noon) and 7:00pm in the evening

Invite 3 people every week this year! In life we don’t hesitate to share good deals at retail or food establishments with our friends and family members. GOD is a good deal! No one can match HIM!! HE gives the BEST spiritual food and the best clothing deals (the whole armor of GOD). Unbeatable!

Can’t make it to FEN physically? No worries! Tune in live at 7:00pm click here.
Noon day FEN is open to everyone during daytime hours.

7:00pm FEN Ministries Served:

Little Lambs  – Ages 2 years – 4 years are welcome to begin an exciting life in pursuit of God’s word through worship, bible activities and the basic fundamentals of prayer. An awesome foundation to promote spiritual growth!

Victory Kids  –  Ages 5 -11 years are the most pivotal points in a child’s life.  What better place to start than in a class where they will be taught basic bible principles with an expectation to gain a full understanding of God’s word. Through lessons on Faith and Prayer these students will be equipped with the tools to become mature in Christ.

Young Victory –  Ages 12 – 17 will be taught how to go against the grain and be rebellious for Christ through an open forum of discussion coupled with a “straight up” bible lesson causing radical over Christ to not only be the name of a ministry, but a movement among the next generation.  A definition that accurately describes this group of young people as they stand strong on the word of God while competing with the cares of this world.

Turning Point –  Ages18-21 Our turning point class is designed to bridge the gap between adolescence to young adults, providing direction and giving fundamental principals from the word of God.  Meeting young people where they are and escorting them to the next stage of life.

Crossroads –  Ages 22 – 35 This ministry is geared towards young adults to help them in decision-making, and in understanding the importance of knowing and following the Bible as the final authority in every area of life. This is accomplished through corporate study of the Word, fellowship, and seminars.

LifeChangers – No age limit, this is the Pastor’s bible class designed to spiritually instruct, encourage, and equip believers who are going through various changes of life.