“Study to show yourself approved unto God, A workman that needs not be ashamed, Rightly dividing the Word of Truth” II Timothy 2:15

Introducing our Bible Book of the Month Club. We invite those interested in reading through the Word of God to strengthen your faith and gain a better understanding of its precepts and purpose for your life.

While comments are welcome, this is not intended to an exhaustive study and neither is it an online Bible class; rather it is designed to provide encouragement and guidelines for effective daily Bible reading.

You will find it helpful to read from a translation you can understand such as NIV or RSV. We suggest the following format to help you understand and retain what you read. We call it the 3 O’s. Read the passage 3 times. (On the Same day or next day it’s up to you.)

– Read the passage first to get an overview…. get the big picture, what’s it all about?

– Read it the next time and try to outline it…record your impressions or questions.

– Read it a third time to own it. What’s it saying to you? How will you apply it?

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Bible Book Club of the Month