I Am Not A Grasshopper

week_11Last night was game 1 of the NBA finals. Go Golden State! This past Session 5, the theme was “I am not a grasshopper!” The main scripture dealt with the mindset of the children of Israel:

Numbers 13:33
We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”

I mention Golden State not only because they are the best team in the NBA but, because they have the best shooter of all time as their point guard. Ok some may passionately oppose me.

Stephen Curry, is the raining MVP for the last two seasons. But to become the NBA best, he had to become the best Stephen Curry.

When you are at your best, you are a giant in the world!

Becoming a giant is a journey, the journey is to become the best you. When was the last time you invested 110% in yourself? How often do we give 110% to our children, siblings, nieces/nephews, friends or significant others and give ourselves more like 50%?

The journey to becoming the best you is to invest 110% in you. How can this be applied today? With anything worth your time to do, make the conscious decision to give it 110% effort or consider not doing it.

· Be early
· Finish and finish early or on time
· If running late, renegotiate deadlines rather than avoid someone
· Give 110% attention to what you’re doing

Curry is the best 3-point shooter of all time, because he committed to do the little things. Not to show someone else what he could do, but to be a better Stephen Curry. He was often the first to practice and the last to leave the gym. He worked hard, consistently.

Where are you giving 50% effort? What small changes could you make today to be the better you?

We are all on this journey together. Please share your experience, reply back to this blog post.

Remember, you are not a grasshopper!

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